Partners and Networks

The "George Ciprian" Theatre Buzău is a NETA member.

NETA – New European Theatre Action

NETA – the New European Theatre Action – is a European network, founded in 2004 in Bitola (MK). In 2011, the NETA Institute was established in Ljubljana (SI) as an official body and a representative of the NETA network. At the moment, the NETA network consists of 68 theatres and festivals from 20 countries. The other Romanian members of NETA are: The "I.L.Caragiale" National Theatre Bucharest, The "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre Craiova, The "Radu Stanca" Theatre Sibiu, The "Maria Filotti" Theatre Brăila and the "Nottara" Theatre Bucharest.

The President of the NETA network is Blagoja Stefanovski, the former Macedonian Minister of Culture, and its Honorary President is Branislav Mićunović, the Minister of Culture, Media and Sport of Montenegro.

The Executive Board, the Theatre Board, and the Festival Board are the three bodies through which NETA develops and realizes its envisaged activities and goals.

In the framework of the prominent European festivals NETA network presents its own program every year, or a separate NETA festival is organized in countries, members of NETA network.

Other partners:

Audiences Europe Network:

The National University of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest

The "George Enescu" University of Arts Iași

The "Hyperion" University Bucharest

The County Museum of Buzău

The County Centre for Culture and Arts Buzău

The "Margareta Sterian” arts High School Buzău

The "B.P.Hasdeu” National High School Buzău